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    rejuve allure common misconception really about any body hair people say when you shave it off it comes back thicker grow back in which i think is why some people think that their hair is growing back thicker but really when you shave your skin you're not pulling out any follicles you're not pulling at the root you're not really affecting the actual growth of the hair you're literally just chopping it off it's no different than the hair on your head if you cut your hair it doesn't make the root of your hair grow back thicker or darker it doesn't affect it at all anyways thank you for coming to my TED talk about hair growth I just wanted to squash those rumors all the myths get going in the comments but yeah so it may appear thicker and darker but it's really not that is an illusion you're not doing any irreversible damage or affecting the root of your hair or anything crazy like that so no need to worry that's what I'm trying to say okay so getting into actually how this works and how you would do this one thing I do want to say is if you have any active blemishes or