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    Vixea Manplus or obese he's not on opiates and he's not drinking heavily then it becomes easy then you can eliminate all those things that can affect the level of testosterone and you know that you're dealing with a low T or a low testosterone it's a true low tea syndrome but that's pretty much in what I do the rare case okay and some of the problems have to do with the fact that stress happens and and many other things happen in the Vixea Manplus course of health and illness but it but as well we have difficulties sometimes getting accurate measurement of testosterone the assays that are available and many of the laboratories aren't perfect.

    Manplus Vixea and there's a rhythm of testosterone that goes on in the course of the day that you know stymies some of these assays and so the levels can vary as much as 30% maybe even as much as 50% in a given man Manplus Vixea on a given day so you can see that that makes it pretty tricky and then the other problem the other part of it just about every symptom that I had on those those slides that we call low T can overlap with even natural healthy normal aging.