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    Vixea Manplus but it's hard sometimes to know exactly what numbers constitute loti syndrome so we typically call low t something that's happening in older men and I I was kind of nervous to put an age in here you know not to be you know offensive to anybody but we're not exactly sure when the low T or the fall and testosterone occurs you'll see some curves in a moment but it's a very gradual process that continues pretty much Vixea Manplus through to the end of life and the symptoms that have been attributed to low t include effects on energy well-being sex drive being low not being able to maintain normal erectile function the muscle mass changes that occur and the gain of fat that that sometimes accompanies this loss in low T syndrome.

    Manplus Vixea and sometimes it's been called andropause kind of to give it a name similar to menopause and women andropause for men so that's kind of an effort to kind of try to define it functionally a little bit so as I Manplus Vixea said we as physicians and endocrinologist we we struggle with getting an exact definition for it so I sometimes say that if the levels of testosterone in the morning are very very low and the man is healthy he's not stressed he's not you know very very overweight.