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    I do not mean to withdraw as little as possible in a foreign country. I am not talking about comfort and convenience. I'm not talking about living in luxury for nothing. I am talking about aging. Warren Buffet is getting older, too, and I'm doing a lot less than him. We are getting older every day, day after day, at the same pace.

    Do you remember when you were born? You probably do not do that. But from the day of birth to the day your parents brought you home from the hospital, you grew up. They would not let you out of the newborn if you did not do it. But if it is not Prince George Alexander Louis, born with a trust fund, he has done almost nothing.

    As a teenager in the Rockford Register-Republic newspaper, I started growing hair on my face and in other, more embarrassing places, which is a sign that I'm getting Vitalcrown . I get older and it only costs a few cents a day, which clearly shows how easy it is to grow old. There was a clue but I did not understand it. It will be years before I see the light.

    My aging continued in college and law school, and because I developed a fairly lucrative legal practice. Every year, more and more money earned. Although I'm still aware of aging, with bifocals and middle-aged glasses, I was more interested in how long I could grow old.

    Approaching my retirement, one day after a round of golf in a village club (my third round of the week), I noticed that my fingers were hurting me a lot. My ankles were swollen. My last impulses were painful and I shivered when the club hit the ball. The next day, I spoke to my postman. He said, "It's happening to me too, arthritis, you know, we're not getting older." We were both getting older , but he did it with $ 250,000 a year and he was just GS -11. Then he hit me. A person can be very young and does not even have to move to another country to do it. I could do it here, good, good USA A.