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    LA PAZ, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- Bolivian President Evo Morales on Wednesday inaugurated the country's anti-imperialist military school, named the Juan Jose Torres School, which will train soldiers in "ideological defense."

    In his speech during the school's opening ceremony, Morales said the school "would contribute to a better, fairer and more equal world without violence."

    "This school is a political and social commitment to the country, the region and the world. It is morally necessary to live in conditions of equality, dignity and brotherhood," he added.

    Also lambasting the United States, Morales said "the enemies of the empire are social movements and the U.S. has always defended its neo-liberal model through communications media. The media publish discouraging messages with some analysts stating Bolivia is a failed state."

    The first class to enter the anti-imperialist school will be made up of 200 students, all officers seeking to become captains in the army, who will receive a 12-week training course.

    According to Morales, the school will impart a training program to help the officers to identify the enemies of Bolivia. "The nation now has, and has always had, one natural enemy: the empires," he said.

    The academy was first announced by Morales in November in a bid to help the army defend national sovereignty and respect peace.

    The name of Juan Jose Torres was chosen for the school as this former president (1970-1971) took an anti-imperialist line while in government and expelled the U.S. Peace Corps from Bolivia, for allegedly sterilizing indigenous women in order to avoid the growth of a Communist movement.

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    Closed Beta Test of Yotta Games聮 Mafia Themed- Mafia City H5 Begins
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    Release Date: April 23, 2018
    Yotta Games has recently announced the start of Closed Beta Test with their game " Mafia City H5 " on April 23, 2018. The game’s theme is base on western Mafia Authentic Noah Syndergaard Jersey , where the play takes the role of a Mafia Boss. Within the game players need to outsmart, outthink and battle other players from around the globe; fight for resource, men Authentic Michael Conforto Jersey , land and lastly become the most renowned and feared Godfather.

    Game Background Intro
    The world of Mafia is a save heaven for the most vicious and vile Leaders, its law: survival of the strongest. The Maroni Family is the most renowned of all the others; their family basically controls all the major sites, district and neighborhood. The worst part is you are now marked by Maroni Authentic Asdrubal Cabrera Jersey , due to you constant interference with his business and attempts on his life. What will you do? Call you lads and fight till the end or cower before him and lives a life of resentment? No matter what you choose, these trials are necessary for you to become a true Godfather!

    Mafia City H5

    90’s Style & Scenery Setting
    In order to make the characters more vivid and realistic, our art team went through various references Authentic David Wright Jersey , sources on Mafias ranging from all types of hand-held weapons to the detailing of each accessory from the 90’s. Each character will be animated, modeled and integration lasting a total of 2 months and through rigorous and repeated adjustments, our team has managed to restore the distinctive features unique of the 90’s.

    Character Setting & Presentation
      The game contains various protagonists for you to choose from. From the mature and firm middle age men to the energetic and daring young man; cold yet charming blond or a businessman in suit and many more.

    To be undefeated Authentic Mike Piazza Jersey , combine strategy & powerThe game provides various arms to ensure you can always win your battles but power only will never be enough, clan strategies are also critical and essential. Proper combination of various forces in your team, adjustment of underground property investing as well as Leaders skill and many more battle strategy effects might even bring about a miracle. One can also cooperate with clan members to achieve “Speedy Battle” Authentic Darryl Strawberry Jersey , “Encirclement Battle” and “Group Battle” effect.

    Play [Mafia City H5] with 3D BabesImagine this; after a hard and exciting battle, you enter a luxurious Mansion filled with beautiful babes. In [Mafia City H5] we have specifically created the 3D babe system that displays various babes from all around the world. You can increase their Favors to obtain plenty of buffs!

    Clan Is Family, Family Backs One Another
      Testing of Mafia City H5 will begin at Yotta Games’ official website Authentic Keith Hernandez Jersey , for info regarding the various test event and benefit, kindly head to our official website. For more info regarding the game, please follow up on the latest news and announcement.

    Official Site:

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