Jelqing - Factors to Consider When Doing the Penis Exercise

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    In addition, recent studies have shown that Prostate 911 Review this method is effective because of the body's ability to relate to stress, when the body is stressed blood pressure changes and there is increased blood flow in the artery which is then forced to accommodate the stress. During the jelqing process stress is created in the penis if it is stressed in the correct way then there will definitely be growth. Before you start the jelqing exercise it is good to have a diary so you can track your improvements.

    Before you begin the exercise measure the length and width of your penis so you know where you started, when you begin jelqing measure the length and width on a specific day each week, try not to measure more than once per week as you may get different results each time due to countless factors. There are many ways to measure the penis, you are free to use a ruler or a tape measure it does not matter what you use as long as you stick with this method each time you do a measurement. Be sure to write the weekly results in your dairy.

    And when attempting this exercise there are important points to consider; always do a proper warm-up method to prepare the body for the jelqing method. Furthermore, only jelq when the penis is semi-erect or this can cause damage to the penis, never ejaculate when doing the exercise. Moreover, remember to listen to your body during the process; if the penis starts to hurt then there is too much pressure on the penis. In addition, always use adequate lubricant during the jelqing exercise.