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    File photo of Xiao Tian. [PhotoXinhua]
    A deputy head of China's General Administration for Sport is being investigated for suspected "serious breaches of discipline and the law" michael kors jet set wallet australia , the country's top anti-graft watchdog said on Thursday.

    The brief statement gave no other details about the probe into Xiao Tian, whose rank is equivalent to that of a vice-minister.

    Xiao was appointed as the country's deputy sports head in August 2005. He was a former provincial fencer from East China's Anhui province before working for the sport ministry in 1981.

    He began to take charge of China's winter sports in 1998 and led China to its historic Winter Olympic gold medal at the Salt Lake Olympics four years later.

    Xiao was last officially seen at the special ceremony to honor China's retired star hurdler Liu Xiang at the Shanghai Diamond League May 17. He presented the hurdler the "Outstanding Contribution Award".

    Xiao's wife Tian Hua, who takes charge of equestrianism sport in the governing body, was reportedly taken to prosecution to assist investigation.

    The sport governing body has been under fire for violating rules involving match-fixing michael kors wallets australia , talent selection and the operation of events, said the anti-graft watchdog.

    As part of the country's anti-corruption campaign, the Communist Party of China's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) sent an inspection group from July to September last year to inspect the operation of the GASC and its affiliated event governing centers.

    The inspection was another major campaign against corruption in China's sports arena after the crackdown on match-fixing and graft in soccer around 2010.

    The Chinese Football Association announced in early 2013 to punish 33 individuals, including several former top soccer officials michael kors value spree australia sale , renowned referees and ex-national players, and 12 clubs involved in game-cheating and corruption scandals after a nationwide investigation in 2010.

    While gardening isn’t as hard or mysterious as some people think, there’s more to it than just planting a few seeds and hoping for the best. Most gardeners know that plants grow well in areas where they will receive the most sunlight, and also where the soil is the richest to use. These factors will differ from one kind of plant to the next michael kors value spree sale , so you have to do your research when choosing what to plant. You’re garden can be a raving success so follow the strategies presented in this article.

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    Keep in mind that some flowers need more sunlight than others and plan your garden with the amount of sunlight in a specific area in mind. Perennials are the easiest for many new gardeners because they flower at a certain time of the year and return year after year. Annuals, however michael kors jet set tote australia , are not built to last more than one season and must be replanted each year. You should also choose flowers that go well with your home and property.

    You should be observant that your garden doesn’t become a food stop for the local assortment of small animals. Depending on where you live, you may have to contend with rabbits, deer, raccoons michael kors totes australia , gophers or other animals. Your garden yield can be decimated by only one animal if it’s hungry enough. Erecting a fence is the first step in working to protect your garden from would be predators. The fence need not be taller than three feet to work effectively. You can also purchase various repellents that will keep away animals.

    Cooking a meal with herbs fresh from the garden is one of the most satisfying things for a gardener. Some herbs prefer indirect sun or shade, but most of them thrive under full sun. You can start with some herbs that are very basic in their requirements such as rosemary, basil, or thyme. It’s possible to acquire seedlings in a tray from a plant store michael kors shoulder bag australia , but you can also grow your own from cuttings. They’ll need to be kept moist and a hand spray bottle works well for this.

    For those that make their home in the colder regions, consider potting your herbs over the winter. The beginning gardener can’t go wrong with a basic herb garden and they even get the culinary benefits as well. Now that you know a bit more information on gardening, it is time to choose the right location for your garden and determine what vegetables you want to grow. Be sure to take the climate in your surrounding area into consideration when choosing seeds to plant. No matter what type of garden you plant, however michael kors satchel australia , you have to recognize that gardening is a serious commitment that requires your consistent attention.

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