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    Promotional material for The Legend of Qin
    After several long delays Dorance Armstrong Jr. Cowboys Jersey , the animated film The Legend of Qin finally reached theaters on Friday. Earning 12.7 million yuan ($2 million) on its first day, the new animated film overtook The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom and The Continent.

    A new adaptation of the 7-year-old TV anime series of the same name, the franchise comes with a huge built-in fan base in China. For example, the new animated series on tudou this year received more than 2.3 million views and 8,000 comments within its first 24 hours online.

    Director Shen Leping, who won the then State Administration of Radio, Film and Television's best director of animation award in 2012, has not bothered to hide his ambition to spread this franchise beyond TV and movies and into video games and a live-action TV series.

    "The style of the movie and the TV animated series, and even that of the game and live-action show, will be different and target different audiences. Over the next five years, we are planning to release a film trilogy that is independent from all the other adaptations," he told the Global Times.

    The legend begins again

    There's no need to have seen the TV series before to understand the story of the film. An evil army is looking to use an ancient titan, the Warrior Damon, to start a war, but in order to restart the titan they must first find the soul of a dragon that has been hidden inside a legendary creature known as pixiu. As the evil army searches for the soul of the dragon, a young boy named Tianming and his friends Xiang Shaoyu and the swordsman Ge Nie look to prevent the war by sending the pixiu and its companion Xiaoli, a young girl who knows the secret of the dragon's soul, to the mysterious ancient city of Loulan.

    Compared to the more historically minded TV series - which covers the rise and fall of China's first imperial dynasty, the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC), the movie is a magical world containing a number of elements from traditional Chinese myths. Not spending time delving into the complicated relationships among the various philosophical schools and kingdoms of the period, the story, like the series, centers on Tianming and is set before the beginning of the TV series.

    Music is the absolute highlight of the film thanks to Japanese composer Kaoru Wada and Chinese composer Roc Chen. Having composed for many Japanese anime, such as the TV and movie versions of Inuyasha, Wada is a big name among Chinese fans of animation and is known for producing magical tunes that carry an Eastern aesthetic. Chen, the music producer for the documentary series A Bite of China, also has a very good feel for creating melodies that have a classical Chinese taste.

    Other highlights include the action and 3D computer animation. Facial expressions seem almost real with lots of detail and character, while the martial arts action in the movie flows fluently along with the music and is a delight to behold. While many live-action martial arts films simplify fights into special effect superpowers, The Legend of Qin focuses action on the art of swordplay and the very physical feel of hand-to-hand combat.

    The film is full of funny jokes, although the dialog doesn't exactly fit the historical time period. In fact, it's not just the way the characters talk either, the city of Loulan looks like a mixture of Greek and Egyptian temples and the citizens of the city can be seen wearing various kinds of ethnic clothing. However, some of these irregularities may have been intentional, as these give audiences something to chat about as the movie plays on screen.

    A social experience

    While talking or the use of mobile phones is normally frowned upon in theaters, to stay in tune with an age where people have gotten used to live blogging on social media sites while they watch their favorite shows, The Legend of Qin has taken the extra step of bringing the live commenting normally seen online into theaters.

    Called "danmu," (Lit: bullet curtain) a military term of Japanese origin that referred to using artillery to barrage a target, this type of live commenting got its start on nicovideo.jp in 2007. Basically, comments that people type as they watch a video on the site scroll across the screen and are synced to a specific playback time. When someone else watches that same video, they can see the comments other people made as the video plays and add their own if they like. In just one year after adding the feature, nicovideo.jp gathered over 1 billion of these comments.

    Danmu was introduced to China through video sharing sites acfun and bilibili.tv later that same year. Starting from 2012, some mainstream video sites such as tudou also started to add this interactive chat function and since then danmu has spread far beyond just anime. For instance, live broadcasts of the recent FIFA World Cup were also accompanied by live comments.

    "We found that danmu volume has grown rapidly since last March. We get about 10,000 to 150,000 lines of danmu every day," said Yang Weidong, CEO of tudou.

    The Legend of Qin is currently adapting danmu to over 100 screens in theaters throughout China. As the movie plays audiences can use their smartphones to send text messages to an official number. These messages are then projected on the walls on either side of the movie screen, first appearing on the right side and slowly crawling across the walls to the left, where they disappear.

    "Danmu mainly consists of jokes that fit perfectly with the strong desire of self-expression that people born during the 1990s or in this century now have. They prefer to state their views in a humorous way," said Shen.

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