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    Suddenly remembered, for a long time did not dream of the hill full of purple flowers. Perhaps because of the gap in a period of time, the hill full of purple flowers became clear in the heart Newport Cigarettes, people can not help but miss, miss a mountain that has never been seen in reality. I seem to be easy to make some prophetic dreams. For example, dreaming of a certain scene, suddenly immersed in a certain moment in the future. A familiar feeling that I couldn't tell made me look back frequently, only to find out that I had been to this place in a dream in the past. In life, I am definitely a vulgar person. I am strange to be able to show some kind of psychic talent in my dreams. I can feel the talent of the future scene in my dreams from time to time. Even I feel strange. ,Not confident. However, this hill full of purple flowers has been dreamed several times, but it has never been seen in real life. But I believe that one day, I will come somewhere and marry the hill in this dream. I don't remember how I dreamed about it for the first time, just remembering that in different dreams, it presents different views and moods. The hill full of unknown purple flowers, a little paulownia flower feeling, but seems to be more refined and smaller than the paulownia flower, there is a more elegant charm Marlboro Lights. Because the soft mist of the morning lingers in the meantime, making the whole mountain extremely beautiful, the purple with the white mist is more fresh and charming. I just like that, standing quietly at the foot of the mountain, looking up at the purple of the mountain and forgetting myself. I remember another time, it seems to be raining. I am alone, walking in the mountain path under the tall trees filled with purple flowers, no wind, no birds. Everything is very quiet, but not dull, the air is filled with floral fragrance that contains rain. I walked slowly like that, as if all the earth's heavy and sorrows were far away, only this sweet tranquility, telling the long-lasting happiness in the cool rain. At that moment, I felt a kind of abundance, self-sufficiency and fullness of loneliness. At this moment, I don't need anyone, just need this hill full of purple flowers, the sweet fragrance of the dream of the mountain, this soft and clear silky rain. It seems that I will go on like that forever. I have to go to heaven in the dream of losing my memory in time and space. It seems that it is a flower season, and I came to the hill again. The petals of lavender are full of mountains, and the small green leaves of the leaves have grown on the branches Newport Cigarettes Coupons. It should be the season of late spring and early summer. The flower season has passed, the flowers are falling, and the green is gradually covering. As if there is an indescribable embarrassment, just look at the nascent light green. In the hustle and bustle, it seems to smell the breath of the early summer, there is a sigh of water. But it is not particularly gloomy. It is just a faint sorrow. It still has joy and peace away from the dust of the world. There are also several dreams of seeing this mountain. The scenes are slowly blurred. The various things in the world are inevitably eroded by time, mottled and washed away. What's more, the most amazing thing about these crisp dreams is that every dream of this mountain is I feel that I am not dreaming, but in real life. In that way, I was eager to linger in the purple ampoule and Fangxin of this hill, and then suddenly there was a very familiar feeling. I am thinking in my heart: Ah! It seems that when I came here, everything is familiar and vague, as if I had been here in a predecessor. So, I slowly thought, thinking carefully, so I remembered, oh, yes, I have been here in some dreams. Actually, this time, it is also in a dream. It was just a realistic background with the dream at the time, and the front was an ethereal illusion. Maybe, one day, I will walk into the hill full of purple flowers and indulge in the happy purple fragrance, not in my dreams.
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