Need Help... 1917-1918 WW1 Trench Watch

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    Jun 22, 2017

    So I just bought this watch on ebay for $200...Don't know if I paid to much or I did ok...Which I'm ok with it cause I was told it's running... Well I get it today and it's not running... only way it runs if I take the crown and twist and hold than it will run until I let go...

    Here is a summary before I ask my question... This is a Lancet WW1 trench watch... As you see still has the beautiful radioactive lume still attached... also has a sharpnel protector and on the inside it says patent pend and something...Hard to see since it's so tiny... original leather band... movement says 7 jewels 2 adjust and is made by Urania watch Co. Engraved on the movement and the backing of the case where you close it also says Swiss on both places... The inside of the glass or crystal whatever material it is has some dirt inside on the glass but otherwise it's perfect on the outside... Just needs to be cleaned inside...The back case as you see has patina but otherwise the watch is in immaculate shape...

    I also have a copy of the WW1 registration papers of the actual owner who owned this watch... The seller inherited this watch who was owned by his great uncle... He wore it during WW1 and WW2... He also wants to give me a copy of his WW2 registration papers and his discharge papers...

    My question... Is it expensive to fix with the issue I given earlier? Should I keep it or return it since I have 14 days to decide?


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