Opposition parties, human rights groups and civil society

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    RABAT Cheap Liverpool FC Jerseys , June 11 (Xinhua) -- Thousands rallied in Morocco's capital Rabat on Sunday to show support for the protests that have continued in the country's northeastern region for more than six months.

    Opposition parties, human rights groups and civil society organizations took to the streets to demand release of the arrested and denounce the government's handling of the protests in the city of Al Hoceima and its neighboring towns.

    Rights groups said over 100 have been arrested, while the government said 86 have been prosecuted.

    The government denied accusation of torture, stressing that the detainees have all the legal guarantees for a fair trial.

    The situation in Al Hoceima has been tense since October 2016 Cheap Liverpool Jerseys , when fish vendor Mouhcine Fikri was crushed to death after climbing into a rubbish lorry to retrieve his swordfish confiscated by police.

    Demanding justice for Fikri in the northeastern part of the country, also called Rif, has evolved into a grassroots movement demanding greater government investment in the region and more jobs.

    Official delegations have visited the region and vowed to accelerate the implementation of the ongoing projects and announced new projects, but they have not seemed to calm protestors.

    Morocco has not witnessed any protests of this size since the pro-democracy demonstrations during the Arab spring in 2011.

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