Path of Exile: Early League Checklist

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    What some of you more experienced players prioritize in the 1st week of the league? For both Beastiary and Abyss, if you started off making an Uber Lab farmer and ie made great money but you want to try pusing maps, so what kind of things do you guys do to maximize income in those first couple of days?

    Farming tabula at act 9 aqueducts. You dont need to farm all the cards urself. Usually il farm 3-4 cards and buy the rest with random chaos drops i have gotten. If you need currency, please stay with U4GM when you buy poe orbs and other poe currency service. Finally, you can see here for more cheap PoE Trade Currency.

    ● Fast clearing build, relying on literally no gear. My way to go is AW berserker, all you need is a pair of facebreakers and randomy flat phys jewelry to do yellow maps.
    ● Get 3 QS flasks, skip small white packs, kill only blue ones, ignore fat rares (extra life, regen, etc) if you cant kill em <15 sec. Skip vorici, haku and vagan.
    ● Rush acts, do all passives quests, ignore respec ones. Know your layouts to navigate faster through locations. Go to lab as soon as you do all the neede trials. 1.5k hp is enough for normal, 2.7 for cruel, 4k for merc, if youre familiar with izaro (and you do, since you ran uber)
    ● Moveskill is a must, preferably in 3L (with BM, to negate mana issues). Play with support, it boosts clear and bossing a lot.
    Sell some levelling uniques for alchs/chances (important)/1c, ignore prophecies before part 2 of storyline. Check and renew you gear and resistances after each kitava.
    ● Rush early maps, get new ones from zana (for chances, you'll need em a lot).