QuickBooks Error 80070057

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    In accordance with Intuit, quickbooks error 80070057 multi user has several variations, all of that has different causes and solutions. Some variations remain unresolved. Interestingly, before converting our KnowledgeBase to the current format, our article about this error code was our most viewed article by one factor greater than 2 to 1. That’s a beneficial indicator associated with the relative occurrence of the error among QuickBooks users.

    To attempt to resolve the error, suit your exact error utilizing the description below and proceed with the troubleshooting steps for the specific error.

    Variation 1

    Error Code 80070057: “There was an urgent error reported while trying to run QuickBooks” is an error which have multiple possible causes. The possible causes include:

    your business file (.qbw) is damaged and you also were attempting to backup or create a portable file (.qbm)
    your QuickBooks installation is damaged
    you had been attempting to open a portable file (.qbm) but QuickBooks wasn’t open
    the QuickBooks company file extension was changed or is not the right type
    The steps to eliminate this error can include reviewing the extension of one's company file, verifying your company file, repairing your QuickBooks installation, or re-installing QuickBooks.

    To follow the troubleshooting steps to this variation of the 80070057 error, consult this Intuit knowledge base article.

    Variation 2

    Error: “80070057 the parameter is incorrect” and “You don't have sufficient permissions to delete files…”

    You will find 2 known causes because of this error:

    a user attempted to launch QuickBooks by double-clicking on an organization file (.qbw) instead of launching QuickBooks first
    by default BitDefender is blocking certain ports that QuickBooks uses to change data
    To adhere to the troubleshooting steps to solve this variation associated with 80070057 error, consult this Intuit knowledge base article.

    Variation 3

    Error: “80070057, the parameter is incorrect. There is an unexpected error reported while trying to perform QuickBooks with company file [path and name].”

    Unfortunately, Intuit hasn’t identified a resolution to this particular variation associated with the 80070057 error. Two suggestions come in this Intuit knowledge base article: restart all computers running QuickBooks or uninstall/reinstall QuickBooks.

    Variation 4

    Error: “80070057: parameter is incorrect” when simply clicking a QBB, QBM, QBW, ND, or TLG file from a Google Search Timeline.

    This might be yet another variation regarding the 80070057 error, and unfortunately Intuit hasn’t identified a possible resolution at the moment. The error is discussed is this Intuit knowledge base article as well as this one.