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    According to the Bible verses Authentic Braden Smith Jersey , God produced the universe, the earthy soil, the ocean and the creatures in it and also the plants, after which He made Man and then rested on the 7th day. For some time everything went nicely and the Lord loved exactly what He observed. Then something happened and Man was forced to leave behind God鈥檚 kingdom, settle in the east, exactly where Man would have to live and survive simply by himself. However God continuous to keep an eye on his many valued creations. And several many years later, the Lord gave Man, through a passionate follower known as Moses, the reward of the Ten Commandments.

    The actual Ten Commandments are laws and regulations God made for Man to observe so he wouldn鈥檛 stray outside the lines that God had drawn for him. Any person who has ever looked at Bible know the Ten Commandments. Let us take particular notice to the first four of these commandments.

    鈥淭hou Shalt Not Have Strange Gods Before Me.鈥?br >(THE FIRST COMMANDMENT)
    The very first commandment talks about the passion of God. Reading through this line gives one an idea how many times Man has repeatedly violated the Lord very first commandment alone. Lots of people praise foreign or perhaps even strange gods. Some worship personalities and animal creatures. Many people praise material objects as well as earthly things. Lots of people even praise devils. The reason why anybody would worship the devil is certainly beyond my knowledge.

    We ought to praise only God, the one that provided us this life.

    鈥淭hou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain.鈥?br >(THE SECOND COMMANDMENT)
    Another commandment connected to the love of God. God produced great things including Man. Would you show God your own gratitude making vain use of His name?

    Lots of people exercise swearing in the name of the Lord, that God is their own personal witness. Like a Christian you need to take the time to consider its consequences: you are stating that the Lord is ignorant with regards to reality. Lots of people don鈥檛 even realize whenever they sword in the Lord鈥檚 name.

    鈥淩emember To Keep The Holy Sabbath Day.鈥?br >(THE THIRD COMMANDMENT)
    God produced everything in six days, and then rested around the 7th day. He created Man last, and thus Man grew to become part of the world on the Sabbath day, consequently the Holy Sabbath day. Lord wishes for everyone to memorialize this very day for centuries in the future and thus He wrote down His third commandment. Could you 鈥渒eep鈥?the Sacred Sabbath day? And how?

    鈥淗onor Thy Father And Mother.鈥?br >(THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT)
    The very first commandment concerning the passion for neighbors. Our mothers and fathers are responsible for bringing us into this world just like how God is responsible for creating Man and bringing him into this universe. And thus God asks all of us to acknowledgement our fathers and mothers who adores us the way God enjoys all His children.

    You should consult the Bible verses for additional guidance and advice concerning the other 6 commandments. Recall that the true path to God鈥檚 kingdom is the path created with the ten commandments leading to the gates of heaven.

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