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    Program Details
    Provide an alternative to distributing directly to Amazon. We are Amazon Marketplace experts looking to partner with manufacturers and distributers such as yourself. Our business comes from a need to provide a better system of selling through Amazon than being a direct vendor. Some of the advantages of distributing through us are:

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    Velocity Sellers will sell the product at MAP pricing or mutually agreed price.
    Velocity Sellers will set up the listing, the content, PPC campaigns and marketing with its own funds to market the supplier’s product.
    Product is paid for once the product has been sold.
    Supplier is responsible for inbound shipping costs and will be deducted from proceeds.
    Supplier has the right to get his merchandise returned based on the terms of the agreement.
    All unsold merchandise will be returned at supplier’s expense.
    Supplier is responsible for long terms storage fees in the case of unsold merchandise.
    There is a $299 startup fee.
    Wholesale+ Terms
    Supplier receives the wholesale cost and up to 5% of the retail sale proceeds.
    The percentage will be agreed upon on a case by case basis.
    hamilton park twitter thing called us Cameron Brate Jersey , Residents of Hill City soon will be included in the highly prized zone for Normal Park Museum Magnet School.

    The Hamilton County school board voted 5-4 Thursday evening to affirm a 2007 decision and include the region of Bell and Spears avenues into Normal Park’s attendance zone. Although not before plenty of discussion.

    A Hill City parent and a parent of Normal Park students each were given Half an hour to convey their cases. In all, nearly 200 people — dozens on either side from the issue — packed the college board meeting room.

    School board member Joe Galloway brought the Normal Park issue towards the board last week, when members dicated to hold a unique meeting around the issue. The board voted in 2007 to incorporate Hill City in Normal Park’s zone. However in 2010, then-Superintendent Jim Scales said the zone couldn’t widen due to an influx of parents getting into Normal Park’s boundaries.

    Scott Shaw J.R. Sweezy Jersey , a parent or gaurdian of two Normal Park students, said the addition of Hill City students would cause overcrowding. Additionally, it indicates fewer magnet students could be accepted in to the school. He explained the magnet process accounts for bringing most of the diversity towards the North Chattanooga school.

    “If you bring in the Hill City people and all the folks that include that, you are going to destroy the magnet program Brent Grimes Jersey ,” he explained.

    Shaw suggested the recently resurrected debate over Normal Park was instigated by landowners, who hoped that a new school zoning would increase property values.

    “I think everybody thought, or at least every reasonable person, thought it was over and done with Chris Conte Jersey ,” he explained.

    He explained there could be no compromise on the issue. Actually, Shaw said the Normal Park attendance zone should be contracted, not widened.

    “This is disturbing,” school board member Jeffrey Wilson said. “My opinion is it is a problem of class.”

    hamilton park twitter thing called us Adarius Glanton Jersey , Wilson noted that Normal Park students are usually wealthy and not racially diverse.

    “I am no more likely to support a course that favors one group over another,” he said.

    Hill City resident Mitta Chestnutt asked the board to keep its 2007 promise. Currently, public school children in Hill City are bused several miles away to schools in Red Bank.

    Living miles away from their children’s school can be a barrier from involvement by Hill City parents, Chestnutt said.

    “There’s a misconception that because we’re a low-income community Jacquizz Rodgers Jersey , our parents don’t care,” she said.

    Chestnutt asked the board to allow the 100 approximately students of Hill City to become a a part of Normal Park because they, too, recognize the excellence of the school.

    “At the finish of the day Patrick Murray Jersey , a promise is really a promise,” she said.

    She said Hill City parents would agree to a phased-in entrance into Normal Park, so they won’t overwhelm the school.

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