Sea-gull ebay watch thoughts/opinions please

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    Jun 22, 2017
    Hey there,I have one and I agree the timekeeping is one of the best among my manual winds. The price of them generally seems to rise every time I look, but would love another exampleI blame the parents, poor schooling and food additives. Yesterday, when I paid for my burger and Kia-Ora, I gave the exact amount which was "awesome". Now a man levitating past the takeaway door would, in fact be awesome, handing over £2.75, consisting of a £2 coin, a 50p coin, followed by a 20p and a 5p is not.

    Does anyone know if there are any tell tale signs it is a fake, also it has no paperwork or original boxing with it. Even if the watch gets a service is there any indication as to how much it would be worth? Thanks!

    Any advice?I appreciate any help or advice.

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