Some thoughts on Panerai's In-House p.2002 movement

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    Some thoughts on the p.2002 movement that is manfactured completely In-House for the Panerai Models 233, 268, and 289. Wrote this thread in Time Zone a couple of months ago, but I know Bo and others are considering buying a Panerai 233 so thought would share some insight I have on the movement.

    Some of the things about the p.2002 movement that does not get discussed about much, but learned from my research into watch movements and into the devolopent of Panerai's inhouse P.2002 movement:The p.2002 movement actually has some of the best shock protection of any watch Panerai makes. If you notice, the movement has the balance-cock fitted with 2 supports and also the balance spring is laser welded to the balance spring stud and the collet. This gives much better shock resistance and reliability, than a swan neck regulator for example and single supported balance cocks that are found on the unitas movements of the base models and also the ETA automatic movements of the contemporary movements. It is interesting to point out that JLC uses this same technology in many of their compressor watches. Makes sense as many of the design Enginners that develop movements for JLC also jointly work with Panerai (again as both companies are owned by same Parent company, and one of the benefits of this is shared engineering/technology). Also with the p.2002 movement, Panerai developed a more shock resistant way to mount the movement in the case. from what I understand, and correct me if I am wrong, this is also being carried over to other models in the J Series as well.

    We also can look at the 3 Barrel 8 day movement. Allows better accuracy and less fluctuations in accuracy from when fully wound at 8 days down to the last day. If I understand correctly the power reserve is actually closer to 10 days, but 8 days is on the power reserve, as after 8 days the accuracy may start to have a decline. So best to wind up every 7-8 days. This also helps make the movement more ruggedd, as less wear and tear on the crown, seals etc, as it only needs to wound up every 7-8 days, as opposed to ever other day. I like how this actually has some military roots, as Panerai stated, as if you are a member of team that is on an operation, where dust, sand, water, mud,etc are prevalant - then this gives you a longer time period between winding, thus do not have to open the crown to rewind in an austere environment.

    The three barrels also give plenty of energy to allow other complications such as the GMT function and date.

    One of the articles I read also stressed how modern computer technology assisted greatly in the development of the p.2002. Using computer models, the movement's run time could be accelerated and any potential problems with long term running could be eliminated.

    Anyway, as you can tell, I am very impressed with the p.2002 movement and think Panerai really engineerd a well designed movement. IMHO, the 233 or 268 is worth the $$$ for what you get.


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    Great post, Chad! :thumbsup:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this fascinating movt.! :cheers:
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    Here's a great video on YouTube regarding this movement!