Thakkar started playing table tennis when she was

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    SUZHOU nike vapormax flyknit schweiz , China, April 27 (Xinhua) -- Kenya's Sejal Thakkar, who put her table tennis career on hold to start a family fifteen years ago and now has two children, has returned to play at the world's top level after such a long halt.

    "I have to nike vapormax schuhe schweiz ," Thakkar said about whether she is sacrificing her own sporting career for her family.

    "I sacrifice a lot, not just a little. I stopped playing and it took me a good 15 years to get back and within those 15 years it was just a total stop."

    Thakkar started playing table tennis when she was 11 years old and eventually made it onto Kenya's national team. She went on to represent her country at several world championships and Commonwealth Games before getting married and taking a 15-year break.

    She now has a 14-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter, both of whom play tennis and have potential to compete at an international level. Thakkar takes them to practices on the weekdays, which leaves a total of four hours on the weekends for her to practice table tennis.

    "It's really difficult to balance sport and being a mother nike air vapormax schweiz , but maybe over the weekends it is my time so I tell them, 'You do your stuff and at least over the weekend I get to knock off a little bit,'" Thakkar said.

    She returned to professional table tennis two years ago, but this journey was not an easy one.

    In addition to putting more physical strain on her body nike vapormax schweiz , Thakkar, who turns 40 on May 5, had to get back to the routine of travelling to international tournaments.

    Her children have never travelled to competitions with her, but they comment on her performance whenever she brings back recordings of her matches.

    "They do give me advice. 'Mommy , you have to be more vigorous. You have to attack,'" Thakkar said. "It's nice."

    Her goals in the sport she loves have become more humble than 15 years ago since she no longer expects top results due to her age and stamina. But for her part, Thakkar said she continues to teach her children the value of participation.

    "They are already very, very proud of me. Just the fact that I'm still representing the country and getting a chance to be here is good enough for them. Participation for them is everything nike vapormax plus kaufen ," Thakkar said. "I'm happy that they are looking at me as a role model and I think because of that they are more into sports."

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    In the psychiatric clinics, one of the most commonly treated disorders is substance abuse. However, many psychologists turn them down because they think specialized care will benefits them more. Nonetheless nike vapormax flyknit kaufen , having gone through substance abuse training NY, the professional are capable of managing the condition perfectly.

    Patients enrolling in this training have to go through a course designed to proceed in steps. The steps are six in total. They include problem-solving skills training, cravings control, relationship issues nike vapormax kaufen , finding a purpose in life and maintaining a balance in everyday doings. One of them has its basis on spiritual literature while the rest are based on psychological theories.

    There is also a twelve step approach. However, this is not effective for everyone. It only bears fruits to people who have developed insight into their condition and are focused on rectifying it. The problem is that not many get to such a point and the more emphatic and gentle approach is mainly taught in drug abuse training programs in city Long Island, NY.

    The training holds that many substance abusers would be picked out if everyone coming to see the psychologists was to be screened for drug abuse tendencies. Many of the clients do not volunteer information until their health condition has deteriorated to the point of no return. Taking the initiative is thus the best course of action. From the client feedback, you can make a decision on how to proceed henceforth.

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