The art of photography lies in being able to capture

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    Art is the purest form of self-expression. Every piece of art that is produced is born from someone’s ideas. The art that people produce is essentially what their innermost thoughts and emotions compel them to produce. That is a big reason for why so many people seek to live the life of an artist. It is wonderful in its purity. There is not a lot of dishonesty that can be conveyed through art. It is such a visceral expression of one’s self that producing a work of art that is disingenuous to one’s ideals would only be harmful to that person itself. Being an artist is a privilege.

    Many people attempt to find a meaningful form of employment in the art world and many are likewise denied that opportunity. The art world can indeed be cruel. It can consume even the loftiest and most noble intentions. Not everyone that takes up a brush or a quill will be rewarded the opportunity to make a life for themselves solely through them. That is why the art world has evolved. More and more commercial opportunities have been created for people born with the gift of art and in particular Hydro Flask Wine Clarance , to paint. It is from this trend of a more business oriented job in the art world that the idea of photo to oil portrait was conceived.

    Photographs are a more modern aspect of the arts. The development of camera technology has allowed the art of photography to become more sophisticated. There is now some certifiable art to pointing the camera and taking a great picture. Photography is beautiful in its simplicity. Despite having to utilize a more technologically advanced piece of equipment to get the job done, photography is still relatively simple. It captures a moment in time and places it on to a blank platform.

    The art of photography lies in being able to capture the perfect moment and that in it is a true skill. Photo to oil portrait is essentially an extension of this concept. That is the very idea of this incarnation of painting. Photo to oil portrait seeks to combine two art forms to produce a new and better one. The art of oil painting is one of the oldest in existence. In its early days, linseed oil was the most popular type of oil used for the oil paintings. There were however other oils from different seeds that were used for it. Therein lays the beauty of a photo to oil portrait.

    It combines an old world style of art with a very modern art form. Photo to oil portrait is noble in its intention of being able to introduce the wonderful art of oil painting to a new audience. Art is an organism that will continually evolve. That is its nature and that is how it should be. Photo to oil portrait is simply one of its latest incarnations. The exquisite quality of an oil painting is married to the photograph’s ability of being able to capture even the smallest detail. The photo to oil portrait is just another example of what makes art so wonderful.

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