The Breakfast Club

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    John Hughes month begins on Cracked Movie Club! Back in the 1980s Carton Of Cigarettes Price, John Hughes changed the idea of a teen movie from a bunch of dopey kids dancing on the beach to a bunch of mopey kids talking about their depressing Marlboro Cigarette Types, broken lives (and also dancing) Brands Of Cigarettes. No other film more perfectly exemplifies this than 1985's The Breakfast Club Marlboro Menthol Lights, Hughes' hit film about five misfits sharing a Saturday detention together, which set a template for teenage dramedy that Hollywood still follows to this day Organic Cigarettes.

    On this week's episode, Tom is joined by Cracked's Carmen Angelica and Jenny Jaffe, the creator and star of IFC's Neurotica, as they discuss the impact The Breakfast Club still has on teenagers decades after its release, how Nicolas Cage was too expensive for Hughes to cast (a problem no film made in the past five years has encountered), and whether John Bender is actually cool or just an insufferable, boring asshole.

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