The Chinese mainland and Hong Kong have seen

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    by Han Bing, Ying Qiang

    PARIS, March 7 (Xinhua) -- Emmanuel Gros and his cousin Cyril Benoit Cheap Bayern Munich Jersey , two French entrepreneurs who deal with investment business between China and France, have closely monitored the evolution of the Chinese economy for at least four years. As witnesses on site in China, they were surprised by the negative image of the Chinese economy described by some Western press.

    At a breakfast press held recently in Paris, MM. Wholesale and Benedict shared their views with the guests. In their eyes, the growth slowdown and stock fluctuations are far from the full picture of the Chinese economy. In reality, China is in an important economic transition Cheap Barcelona Jersey , which will bring lots of new opportunities in the country's market.


    ""I am very surprised by the very negative general image of China presented by certain French press,"" said Mr. Gros, Co-founder of the company Benedict & Associates Investment Bankers, during the breakfast press.

    ""When we see on the ground, several figures present a different image of the Chinese economy,"" he noted Cheap Chelsea Jersey , adding that during the last year in China, the volume of retail sales increased by about 11 percent, passenger vehicle sales achieved a growth of over 7 percent, the nominal income per capita Chinese has increased almost 9 percent.

    According to Benedict, founder of Benedict & Associates, the importance of risk that the Chinese economy is facing should not be exaggerated. For example Cheap Atletico Madrid Jersey , although the ups and downs have taken place on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since last June, but the stock market fluctuations do not have shaken the fundamentals of the Chinese economy, nor reflected the real fundamentals.

    ""We must see that the Chinese stock market finances the economy only by three percent, so (in case of stock market crash), it has little influence for the country,"" he said Cheap AS Roma Jersey , adding that the Chinese stock market is more easily influenced by irrational emotion because most investors in this market are individuals, instead of institutional as in the Western countries.

    For Mr. Benedict, who worked in the political circle of the French State before embarking on his commercial business, and who has also been termed as one of the top ""pioneers"" among entrepreneurs of the country, he was ""impressed by the quality of the training expertise of the Chinese leadership on the economy.""

    Sometimes the economic policies initiated by China are better than those of some Western countries, he said.

    Each year Cheap Arsenal Jersey , there are media, experts, announcing that the Chinese ec.