The Dark Knight Trilogy

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    Christopher Nolan month concludes on Cracked Movie Club! In the mid-2000s, Christopher Nolan resurrected a Batman film franchise that had lain dormant since 1997's Batman and Robin Carton Of Cigarettes Price, a movie bad enough to kill any superhero forever Marlboro Cigarette Types. Nolan's idea of a Batman "grounded in reality" was such a success that his Dark Knight trilogy grossed $3 billion worldwide and simultaneously revived and forever ruined the superhero genre.

    This week, Tom and Abe are joined by Cracked's Associate Producer of Video Bridgett Greenberg as they discuss the epic sets Brands Of Cigarettes, incredible stunts, and ridiculous voices that made the Dark Knight Trilogy such a landmark success Marlboro Menthol Lights, and how Bridgett really just wants to be Catwoman.

    Next week marks the beginning of September, and thus starts Kathryn Bigelow month on Cracked Movie Club. On Saturday Organic Cigarettes, September 9th at 7pm at the UCB Sunset Theatre in Los Angeles, Tom and Abe are joined by Cracked's Soren Bowie and Carmen Angelica for Cracked Movie Club's first ever live show where they will discuss the 1991 bank-robbing, surfer bromance classic Point Break. Tickets are only $7 and available HERE.
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