The Effects of Sleep Deprivation - It's More Important Than You Think!

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    Obstructive Sleep deprivation occurs when your Melaluna Sleep Aid breathing is physically blocked i.e. your wind pipe won't allow air to pass through. This can happen if you have a severe cold and suffer from acute swelling of the tonsils, or are obese. The third kind i.e. Mixed Sleep Apnea is when you suffer from Central sleep deprivation and have a wind pipe that is frequently physically blocked.

    Natural treatments If you suffer from a mild sleep apnea, some natural remedies might help. This might sound ridiculous to you but I found that drinking a nice warm glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric powder (available at any grocery store), before sleeping gave me sound, natural, restful sleep. So long as you add just a pinch of turmeric powder you won't need any sugar in it.

    If you happen to be lactose intolerant, you might want to try a warm glass of herbal tea. Both these remedies will provide temporary cure for any throat infection and go a long way towards giving you some much need sleep. If neither of these remedies sound appealing to you, add a pinch of salt to a cup of warm water (as hot as you can take it) and gargle with it. You will get instant relief from any throat infection which in turn will reduce the effects of mild apnea.

    I know this might be difficult, but try and sleep on your side rather than on your back. If you are a smoker, either give it up or at least dramatically cut down on the number of smokes you have during the second half of the day. Lastly, if you feel the air in your room is too dry, try using an air humidifier. All these or a combination of them will help you combat mild sleep apnea.