The fossil was unearthed at the paleontological site of

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    LIMA Wholesale Dallas Cowboys Jersey , July 9 (Xinhua) -- Students from the State University of Puno, in southern Peru, have discovered the remains of a prehistoric shark near Lake Titicaca, said the Ministry of Culture on Friday.

    Called ""Pucapampella Shark,"" it is believed to be the 400- million-year-old precursor to today's vertebrae.

    The fossil was unearthed at the paleontological site of Imarrucos Wholesale Denver Broncos Jersey , northwest of Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake, said the ministry.

    The remains are believed to date from the Devonian epoch, also known as the ""Age of Fish,"" when various fish species emerged.

    Due to its value to paleontology research Wholesale Detroit Lions Jersey , Peruvian officials are looking to protect the site by placing it on the list of National Cultural Heritage sites.

    ""That will serve to legally protect it and encourage the scientific study of these fauna, given their great paleontological potential to learn more about the history of life from its origins and its early evolution,"" said Leonardo Zevallos, from Peru's Department of Cultural Heritage.

    ""Soon, we will be able to talk with more knowledge about the Peruvian Devonian seas and their biodiversity Wholesale Green Bay Packers Jersey ,"" Zevallos added.

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