The Importance of Streamlined Retail Processes

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    The Importance of Streamlined Retail Processes

    Retailers love to use Retail Circulars but face a serious problem when it comes to their planning and production process. Each weekly retail circular takes several weeks to produce Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes Very Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping using a very cumbersome process.

    First, the merchandising department needed to create a promotional plan, targeting certain items to be promoted in the retail circular at specific prices. Once the plan was approved the information would be passed on to the marketing department which is in charge of specific ad content and placement. Only then is there enough information for the graphic designers in the advertising department to create the Retail Circular. The process is then repeated several times until everyone involved in the planning, management and production of these Retail Circulars were satisfied with the results, at which point it would be printed and distributed through the newspaper.

    Universal Ad's software enables retailers to streamline their promotions-related advertising, marketing and merchandising processes, leading to a reduction in the time needed to create promotional ads of at least 50%.

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