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    BEIJING, Aug. 29 (Xinhua) -- Hundreds of accounts on leading instant messaging platform WeChat have been shut down or disabled by its parent company, Tencent, in the wake of increased government regulation of such services.

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    Other reasons for the accounts being punished included publication of illegal advertisements, disturbing ethnic unity, committing libel and violating privacy Cheap Arsenal Jerseys , according to a statement released on Friday by the State Internet Information Office, citing Tencent.

    As of Aug. 25, 46 mass-publication accounts had been permanently shut down, and another 311 disabled, with suspension durations ranging from seven to 90 days.

    The statement cited "Zhejiang Xinwen (Zhejiang News)," an account closed for routinely releasing false news stories in the name of the sole provincial-level news account in east China's Zhejiang Province authorized by the State Council.

    Tencent's swoop followed a regulation issued earlier this month stipulating that non-media instant messaging accounts must be certified by service providers and put on record by administrative authorities in order to release or re-post news stories.

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    Friday's notice described the accounts in question as "the first batch," hinting that more will be identified and punished.

    More than 800 million people use instant messengers in China, sending more than 20 billion pieces of information every day.

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