The officer said the sex was consensual

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    ROME Cheap Kanken Classic Backpack Yellow UK , Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- One of Italy's Carabinieri militarypolice officer has admitted he had sex with an American student inFlorence who reported him for rape, local media reportedSunday.

    The officer said the sex was consensual. He and another officerfrom the Carabinieri military police have been suspended and areunder investigation for the rape of two American students.

    The two young women aged 19 and 21 reported the policemen forrape Wednesday night after they left a Florence night club calledFlo.

    Club management had called the police to quell an altercationbetween clients. The two young women, who were in a state ofinebriation when they left the club Cheap Kanken Classic Backpack Pink UK , said they accepted a lift homefrom the two officers in uniform in their squad car.

    The women said the officers raped them at the entrance and inthe elevator of their building near the Ponte Vecchio bridge in thehistoric center of Florence, according to various Italian mediareports.

    The alleged victims underwent medical tests and forensics arestudying the evidence collected from their clothes and at thescene, according to RAI public broadcaster.

    As well Cheap Kanken Classic Backpack Blue UK , there are witnesses to the fact that the women got intothe squad car. Security camera footage confirms their itinerary tothe girls' flat, and also that a 20-minute interval occurredbetween when the squad car was seen arriving at and then leavingthe women's building.

    A lawyer for one of the alleged victims, Gabriele Zanobini Cheap Kanken Classic Backpack Black UK , toldItalian news agency ANSA that rape can also occur when the victimis unable to consent due to alcohol or drugs.

    The two officers may also face charges of aggravatingcircumstances "when the act is committed with abuse of power or aviolation of duties inherent to public office," Zanobini toldANSA.

    "Once the investigation is over, our response will be severe Cheap Kanken Classic Backpack Green UK ,firm, and swift," Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti told RAI. "ACarabiniere officer in uniform must always be a synonym of security-- to think that someone can commit such serious acts while inuniform is really inconceivable Cheap Kanken Classic Backpack UK ," she said.

    Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, has a highconcentration of international university programs. Enditem

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