This is Braxton. He likes watches like his Pops.

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    Sep 11, 2018

    This is my son Braxton. He is 14yrs old and is a SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD. He is developmentally disabled. Braxton was born at only 20 weeks old and battled to survive. He came home from the hospital after 2 months of birth. Although he is 14, he has the mentality of an 8yr old. He is at a 3rd grade reading level. He is an AMAZING kid with a heart of gold and I wouldn't want him any other way. Braxton LOVES to fish and collect watches like his POPS. Its an interest that has created an even more special bond between my boy and I. He gets so excited when he gets one and his goal is to fill up his watch box. He wouldnt know a $5 watch from a $100 watch, nor does he care. He just wants to be like his Pops.
    I am posting this because maybe some of our close community members have an old or cheap watch that they would be kind enough to donate to him. It would mean more to him than you could possibly imagine. It will light up his face something special.
    I just figured I would post this up and see if anything comes out of it. It would mean an awful lot tohis mom and myself. I am willing to pick up the cost of postage. Even if it costs me $15 for a $5 watch. He gets excited when he gets mail too!!! So if you have something extra, that you don't use or just want to send him, it would be greatly appreciated. His mom and I will make sure he sends you a personal Thank You card. You can PM me for his name and address if you would care too be kind enough to help. You guys are AWESOME & thanks for reading ❤ [​IMG]

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