TIMEX Expedition Scout TW4B04700

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    Hello Guys,

    In you want to read the entire review (note: in Italian language, apologize but so busy I had not time to translate in English language. Google Translator is your best friend, this time), witha A LOT of pics, go here AD Blog - bushcraft per passione: Timex Expedition Scout ref. TW4B04700

    If you don't want to read the entire review, here below the summary:

    the Timex Expedition Scout ref. TW4B04700 is a watch that makes - very well - what a real "field watch" should do: it tell you what time (and day) is it, it's accurate in every condition, comfortable, robust, waterproof (up to 5ATM). It is clearly a tool designed for those who want a reliable watch to be used safely and without any issue, for an active and dynamic life.
    The Timex Expedition Scout is a casual style watch, but it can be worn without problems on many occasions (except for the more formal ones) thanks to its simple look, with a sober elegance.
    Timex is a worldwide known brand (since 1854!) for the high quality/price ratio of his products, and the Timex Expedition Scout is no exception: it's a great watch, sold at an extremely competitive price (79 euros on the official Timex website, here in Italy, I guess for less more in USA).


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