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    Las Vegas is so misundersction has stuck with her for many years as the ultimate "Sin City". No wonder I had such a hard time convincing my husband and kids that they would love it there!

    She's been my mistress for some time now Wholesale Buffalo Bills Hats , tempting and tantalising me through the TV screen and travel agent brochures. Being on the other side of the world should have put temptation very clearly out of my way; but that wasn't to be - all it did was make me want her even more!
    And guess what? So much for not being a place for the kids, my kids are prepared to give up any other vacations until we can go back there!

    A couple of tips before you go:

    Check out as much as you can on the Internet
    There are a huge amount of attraction for kids in Las Vegas, Nevada, but a lot of it depends on how old they are. Its a good idea to check out as many resources as you can before you go - especially the Internet. Chances are, there's such a lot to do, you'll get sidetracked (or the kids will) which is ok if you've planned a relaxed, what-will-be-will-be type of vacation.

    But if this is one of those "once in a lifetime opportunities, you'll want some kind of a plan to make sure you see what you really want to see.

    Plan your arrival time

    It doesn't really matter how old your kids are, it's a good idea to plan your flight to Las Vegas, so you can decide when you're going to arrive. Even the littlies will "ooh and aah" at the magical lights which, of course, are only visible at nighttime.

    If you've got a long journey (say, from the other side of the world, like we did), don't forget the jetlag. Its a good idea to get a late night flight, so the kids especially can get some sleep on the flight.
    Even better if you can plan to arrive in the morning, so you can all get some extra sleep and be ready to "synchronise your watches" to Las Vegas time - which ultimately means turning a little nocturnal for the length of your stay (you know, up at night and sleeping during the day).

    It will probably take a couple of days to adjust timewise, but kids seem to adapt so quickly it shouldn't be too much of a problem. After all, they're being allowed to "stay up late" and the sights they'll see will be well worth it.

    So don't dismiss my Las Vegas temptress, even if you've got kids. I'll guarantee they won't be able to see everything they want to, and be hounding you for more!
    Maybe it's because of her reputation, and the fact that she's able to make kids feel like adults (we all know that's all we ever wanted as a kid, to be an adult, right?) Or maybe its because few kids get to experience her amazing sights, so it becomes a huge mystery in the eyes of a child.

    Either way, my kids (on the other side of the world are just itching to get back there. They've renamed "Sin City" as "Kid-friendly Las Vegas".

    And its really lucky that I've found ways to have a cheap Las Vegas vacation, without my credit card screaming at me "You're not Donald Trump!".
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    Sharron Nixon is a 44 year old mother of 3 who lives in New Zealand and has found cheap, kid-friendly ways to get to Las Vegas. Check out Sharrons Special Reports Heres the first 15 Awesome Tips For Your Cheap Las Vegas Affair

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