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    Mawlan and his wife Ma Jie sit in a coffee shop in downtown Urumqi on November 16. Photo: Cui MengGT Jian Jian scarpe nike air max 2018 scontate , a Uyghur, marries a Han in January this year in Fengshu, Taoyuan county, Central China's Hunan Province. They had a traditional Uyghur wedding and the bridegroom was asked to convert before the marriage. Photo: Courtesy of Jian Jian Jian Jian, a Uyghur, marries a Han in January this year in Fengshu nike air max 2018 uomo scontate , Taoyuan county, Central China's Hunan Province. They had a traditional Uyghur wedding and the bridegroom was asked to convert before the marriage. Photo: Courtesy of Jian Jian
    Mawlan, 24, an accordion player, met Ma Jie, when she was deeply absorbed by his performance on a street in Urumqi in 2013. Four months later nike air max 2018 scontate , Mawlan secretly married her without asking his parents.

    "I acted first and told them afterwards. They would never allow me to marry a Han, I had no choice," explained Mawlan, born in a Uyghur family in the capital city of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

    His mother has accepted their marriage, but his father is still against it. "He warned me that I would regret in the future," Mawlan said.

    But Mawlan doesn't think so. He is convinced that love conquers all and they can live a happy life by respecting each other's culture and customs.

    Uyghurs are a majority-Muslim Turkic group with their own language. The vast majority of Chinese people identify as being of Han ethnicity.

    Intermarriage between ethnic groups is not uncommon scarpe air max 2018 scontate , especially in Xinjiang, which is home to 47 of the nation's 56 ethnic groups. But marriage between Uyghurs and Han people in the region is extremely rare, although they make up the majority of Xinjiang's population, accounting for 48 percent and 37 percent respectively of the region's total.

    In the past 20 years, communication between Uyghurs and Han has increased, but the boundaries between the communities are now more strict and stark air max 2018 uomo scontate , and both group's sense of ethnic identity and distinctiveness has grown, Li Xiaoxia, director of the Institute of Sociology with Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences, said in her research paper published by Sociology of Ethnicity magazine in 2012.

    "As religion is becoming more prominent in Uyghurs' daily life it's getting increasingly difficult for them to marry Han," Li noted.

    Group pressure

    Despite living near Mawlan's parents, Mawlan and Ma Jie seldom see them air max 2018 scontate , even during festivals, to avoid awkwardness.

    The couple also suffers from peer pressure. They didn't have a wedding ceremony and Mawlan still keeps his marriage a secret from some of his relatives and friends. While walking in the city's mostly-Uyghur Erdaoqiao area, they don't walk close to each other as they might face an unfriendly public reaction.

    Sometimes Mawlan lies about his wife. "I say she is from the Hui ethnicity, who are also Muslims but look like Han," he said.

    Ma Jie said she doesn't mind. Most young Uyghur interviewees said they never thought of finding a Han spouse, citing different habits Uomo Nike Air VaporMax 2.0 Bianche Nere Scontate , customs and religious belief as barriers. Some Han people also gave similar answers but others said that ethnicity isn't important.

    A violinist who was born in a Han family in Urumqi, Ma said her parents didn't oppose her marriage. "My parents are open-minded. They are OK as long as I am happy," she said. "I will try to follow my husband's customs."

    Although she was not required to convert, she has gotten used to Halal food. She says she will allow Mawlan to raise their children as Muslims.

    Ma's experience echoes findings by sociologist Li Xiaoxia that the obstacles for intermarriage largely come from the Uyghur side.

    Li has spent years researching intermarriage in Xinjiang. She says that the Koran says that Muslims can't marry non-Muslims unless they convert.

    Lu Zicheng, 36, a Han Uomo Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Oreo Nere Scontate , married a Uyghur girl from Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture in westernmost Xinjiang in 2003. He told the Global Times that he has sought acceptance from his wife's mother, but her uncles have rejected them.

    "The inter-religious contradictions are too difficult to break through," an ethnically-Sibe headmaster of a primary school in Yili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture told the Global Times.

    He recalled that in the early 1980s, his elder brother fell in love with a Hui girl. But one day the girl's parents showed up and beat her before taking her away.

    Li said in her investigative report that beatings and threats were also often used by Uyghur families to prevent inter-ethnic marriages.

    The central government has been alert to the issue of intermarriage. In an effort to avoid complaints and instability, the government historically discouraged intermarriage in the region.

    However, in 1996 Xinjiang adopted marriage regulations which clearly specify that any couple who marry of their own free will shall not interfered with by any organization or individuals.

    Ethnic rift

    Lou Li Uomo Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2.0 Dusty Cactus Nere Scontate , a marriage registration official from the Yining Bureau of Civil Affairs in Yili, Xinjiang, said the number of marriages between Han and Uyghurs is very small.

    "There are just two or three couples a year. In some years, it is zero," Lou told the Global Times. "And we've found that Uyghurs who marry Han are almost all from multi-ethnic families, instead of purely Uyghur families."

    In Yining 48 percent of people are Uyghurs Uomo Nike Air VaporMax Plus Sunset Nere Arancio Scontate , 36 percent are Han and 7 percent are Hui.

    There are more marriages between Hui and Han than Uyghurs and Han, she said. "The Hui speak Putonghua and they look like Han," she explained.

    Some believe that apart from religion, the political rift between Uyghurs and Han is a major barrier.

    A Han taxi driver in Yining said he would never marry a Uyghur. "Apart from our different habits and beliefs, we hate each other. They hate us for taking away their r Period’s golden. Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Hoodie Wholesale Hoodie Wholesale Nike NBA Jerseys Wholesale MLB T-Shirts Wholesale Adidas NHL T-Shirts Wholesale Football Hoodie Wholesale MLB Hats