Treatment For OCD - How to Recognize When You Have OCD

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    For the sake of feeling safe, at ease and comfortable Memory Hack we need to believe that who we are is a finished product. Yet we also know that evolution will seriously change us should our species survive for several hundreds of years. Looking backward, we lack any sense of evolutionary psychic development in our view of history, imagining that people have always been just like us.

    When it's quite possible that the vast majority of people of 3000 years ago were massively hallucinating (Julian Jaynes, "The Origins of Consciousness in the Bicameral Mind"). If so, we need to change our notions of early temple societies, for instance, which may have required absolute monarchs to corral massive chaos-producing mental collapse. The absolute monarch held delusions within the same frame. They did so, we likely believed at the time, in order to keep us safe from our dissociative panic by having a special favorite-person relationship with the gods who made everything happen or not, like feast or famine.

    Ancient achievements in astronomy, for instance, for all their cleverness, were most likely an attempt to reach and control the gods ... in order for society to have a foundation in which to hang together. Many such temple-societies collapsed suddenly, as we know, i.e. the Mayan. Most likely several years of famine revealed the fraud of the emperor's intimate relationship to the gods. A terrified rage was suddenly released, murdering royalty and priests, the society collapsing into chaos.