Type 2 Diabetes - Never Underestimate The Effect Diabetes Has On Your Life

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    High levels of blood sugar can affect a Blood Sugar Formula Review variety of systems in the body. For example, these high levels of sugar can damage your nerves which is a common complication of diabetes. Damaged nerves can result in losing the feeling in the hands and feet. This nerve damage has been known to cause injury by burning on a stove, or stepping on a sharp object where the person couldn't even feel the pain until the injury was very severe. The resulting injury may take a long time to heal, another complication caused by a diabetic condition. Sadly, these injuries can lead to very serious conditions such as gangrene, and even amputation.
    To be clear, there is not one "official" diabetes diet. Instead, we are looking at a series of guidelines set by the American Diabetes Association to help diabetics get control of their blood sugar, whether they take insulin or not. This diet also induces weight loss at the same time for diabetics who are overweight.
    Before proceeding with any diet consult your doctor. He or she is a starting player on your diabetes management team, right alongside you. Your particular dietary requirements will depend on many factors:So, let's start with the makeup of your average meal. The plate can be divided into three sections: protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Sounds pretty standard huh?