Understanding the Breathe Right Snore Relief Technique

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    Don't work late or close to the time you will SlumberPM Review be going to bed. Make your bedroom a zone that promotes sleep - no TV in the bedroom, make it comfortable and inviting, eliminate as much light as possible (electronics, night lights, computer screen, dark-out curtains, etc.) and don't forget to make sure people know not to call you after a certain time. Re-do your room to create the type of atmosphere that you will just love going to bed/sleep in...nice sheets or bed coverings, scents in the air, relaxation music, no sun/light/noise penetrating, make it your get away spot of your dreams.

    Don't eat a heavy meal at least 3 hrs or less before your bedtime, the digestive process with heavy meals will likely keep you awake. The old saying about milk before bed is true as it has tryptophan, same as found in turkey, which promotes sleep. Buy a new mattress. It is amazing how many people are sleeping on poor mattresses. Your mattress does not need to be expensive, at all, just try various ones out by laying on them for at least 15 minutes in the store... yes, 15 minutes. You would spend more time than that checking out a car, so spend the time you need for the one thing that you use for so many hours every day and which can seriously impact your life and well being.

    There is mounting evidence that the sleep number beds are extremely beneficial for people, especially for couples who usually like different softness or firmness in mattresses. Don't have the money right now; the best deal I've found is at Overstock.com for a 3 inch thick, 4 lb density foam mattress topper pad. Every bed in my house has a pad and it has made an incredible difference in sleep for me....which is crucial since I've had back surgery and am very picky now.