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    + Stasis Webifier I, +111k Isk(10 of 10) Take out Tahamar once and for all.+ Sharpshooter (skill) runescape 2007 gold Cmbt. Frigate (Punisher, Merlin, Sigil, Rifter), 287,000 Isk, +1.5% Faction StandingAdvanced Military Career ArcThe Advanced Military arc can seem to have a misleading title at first, since the missions in this chain do not actually pit you against directly tougher
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    Mondovi (WQOW) The body of a missing Mondovi man was recovered by police Wednesday afternoon.Nathan Kummer body was found about a mile off of Highway 37 on Whitworth Road. Police said he was killed in a motorcycle crash and was found about 100 feet off of the road. Police are still investigating when that crash happened.
    UPDATE: Mondovi (WQOW) search continued Tuesday for a Mondovi man, who is believed to have gone missing over the weekend.Mondovi (WQOW) Mondovi police are looking for a missing man and are asking for your help gathering information of his whereabouts.Mondovi Police Chief Colin Severson asked if anyone has seen Kummer or has any information on his whereabouts, to contact the department tip line: 715 926 4443.

    Nathan Kummer was reported missing by his family Saturday night, after they had not heard from him the night before. According to a family member Facebook page, Kummer is still missing. Mondovi Police, along with others, were out searching for him again Tuesday, in locations Kummer requently visited.

    (3 of 10) Retrieve Secret Documents (0.1m3) from a group of Pirates.+ Propulsion Jamming (skill), 120k Isk, 2 x Faction dependent Tech I weapons(4 of 10) Scout out the pirate stargate.+ 1 x 1MN Afterburner I, 60k Isk(5 of 10) Meet the pirate and follow his instructions.+ faction dependent active civilian shield hardener, Shield Management (skill), 66k Isk

    The vehicle he was driving from work was found at his home, and his motorcycle is unaccounted for. His family said he is known to drive his cycle on back roads throughout Buffalo, Trempealeau, Pepin and Eau Claire Counties.Kummer is described as a white male, 5 10 and 170 pounds with short brown hair, brown eyes, a beard and a tattoo on his right forearm that says you have any information about Kummer or where he might be, you are asked to contact the Mondovi Police Department at 715 926 4423.

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