Warning Symptoms of Diabetes

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    Extreme weakness: Due to insufficient Blood Sugar Premier supply of sugar- cells become more weak and irritableBlurred vision: As the level of sugar in bloodstream increases, it extracts out the fluid from our tissues. They also pull away fluid from eye lenses. This will impair our vision power

    Most diabetics, eat the wrong breakfast, if in fact, they eat breakfast at all. They have refined carbohydrates laced with sugar. Then it is mixed with full cream milk. The fullness feeling, just doesn't last long in your body before you are feeling hungry with a fuzzy feeling and not being able to concentrate. Oh and those mood swings. That is what most breakfasts consist of.

    Many people don't even have breakfast, because they don't feel good after having a normal breakfast. Can't wonder why when your normal breakfast consists of those things. After eating a breakfast consisting of lots of sugar and processed carbohydrates all arriving in your blood quickly, all at once, then it is going to quickly peak your blood sugar levels, sky high, the insulin doesn't work, and you feel like crap.

    What about the head ache that came out of this? What about the nausea that comes?Does a cup of coffee help? Well, it can give you a boost, caffeine does that, but what about the milk or cream and the sugar that goes in there. It all turns into a vicious circle.