welding is the simplest of all welding techniques around

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    Welding is the process of melting two pieces of metal together through heat. It is a technique requiring skill Cheap Colin Miller Shirt , in order to create a neat, strong, solid bond. Here are two of the most commonly applied welding techniques used today:

    MIG Welding:

    MIG welding is the simplest of all welding techniques around. What makes MIG welding near fool-proof is the automatic set up of the MIG welding machine. With a MIG welder a welding wire is automatically fed from the welding gun, at a preset rate, leaving little room for manual error. During the welding process Cheap Deryk Engelland Shirt , an attached gas bottle automatically expels gas from the end of the welding gun. This flow of gas shields the weld from oxidation, which can cause a weak and brittle weld. All that has to be worked out manually is the correct wire feed-rate, and electric arc intensity, for the material type and thickness being welded. A MIG welder comes with detailed instructions to help the technician work this out correctly, making MIG welding a relatively simple technique to control and master.

    Arc Welding:

    Arc-welding is a much trickier welding technique with more room for error. The technique involves the use of a thematically controlled welding machine Cheap Marc-Andre Fleury Shirt , in which an electric arc is formed at the tip of the welding rod, via an electric current. With arc-welding the intensity of the flame is set by changing the amperage setting on the welder. The technique of arc-welding is to scratch the end of the electrode, otherwise known as a “rod”, across the work in much the same way you would strike a match. This creates the arc weld effect. Each time the metal sparks, the electrode rod needs to be moved slightly away from the metal Cheap James Neal Shirt , in order for the resulting molten metal puddle to meld. However, if you move the electrode too far from the metal, you will break the arc, and if you are too close, the electrode will stick to the work. It is a tricky technique requiring a lot of practice Cheap Alex Tuch Jersey , but as a general rule, the creation of a good arc will create a crisp, crackling sound. The arc welding technique can either include the use of a filler material to bridge the join or gap, or not.

    Note: it is best not to attempt to use a welding machine, or attempt welding Cheap Nate Schmidt Jersey , without proper training. Welding can cause serious injury, even when wearing protective eyewear and clothing. If you wish to learn welding techniques then attend a course where you will be advised correctly and supervised. Alternatively use the services of a welding professional or welding company, for any welding work you require to be carried out. A professional company will have the correct welding equipment for the job you require, as well as knowledge in the best techniques to apply. Professional welders will have knowledge in welding a variety of materials including stainless steel fabrication, steel pipe & steel plate fabrication.

    If you are undertaking any welding Cheap Jonathan Marchessault Jersey , remember to always wear protective eyewear and clothing. Wear a full-face mask and welding gloves to protect against metal spatters ejected from the weld. Do not look directly at the flame or arc, as both are intense enough to cause serious eye burns. Lastly, ensure you do not work near any flammable surfaces or materials.
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