What You Need to Know About Diabetes, Corns, Bunions and Your Feet

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    A stem cell can become any other StrictionD Review cell. Therefore, the injections of stem cells into the damaged pancreas can have startling effects, becoming new pancreatic cells and replacing damaged areas with healthy cells. I actually read a study on this a year or so ago, before I started taking the Stem Enhance product. For me this is exciting news and perhaps this procedure will be available in Canada in the future. I can imagine being free of taking needles. I know that Canadian scientists are studying the relationship between stem cells and their benefits to some diseases, including diabetes.

    There have been some clinical trials here with the injections of stem cells, but you have to be in severe straights to qualify for these. I am under control so I don't qualify. I look forward to a time when these treatments will be available to more people. Another treatment for diabetes is the insulin pump. A tiny tube, so small you cannot feel it, is put under your skin, this attaches to a small machine that uses a fast acting insulin. It continuously injects a basal amount of insulin. A basal amount is used to keep your glucose at a level when you are not eating.

    You tell the machine to give extra when you are eating a meal. I am told that more and more diabetics are using this now as it frees one from injections several times a day and is more convenient. Gastric banding has, in cases of extreme obesity and diabetes been used as a treatment. By reducing the weight of an individual, you also reduce the need for insulin and, if enough weight is lost, may reduce the need for anything but diet to control type 2 diabetes. This all depends on the individual as each case is different.