When each of these factors is properly balanced against

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    Tennis Court Sport Lighting Fixture Sales & Sport Court Photometric Lighting Design Services.
    The best tennis court lighting fixtures are forward throw fixtures that feature either precision optics or cut off designs that focus illumination on the court and minimize glare from surrounding viewpoints. Tennis court lighting systems should always be designed with two simultaneous objectives in mind: lighting the court and lighting the ball in play. Optimal illumination depends on striking this balance Luka Modric Croatia Jersey , and this balance in turn depends upon several other factors as follows:

    1. The number of light poles
    2. The physical location of lighting poles
    3. The type of lighting fixtures attached to poles
    4. The number of fixtures per pole
    5. The proper number of footcandles
    6. The purpose of the court
    7. The physical size of the court

    When each of these factors is properly balanced against the other, a uniform distribution of the light and non glare optics can be created. Optimal tennis court lighting should cover the entire court and extend approximately 6? beyond the sidelines and 10? behind the base lines. Metal Halide luminaries are the most common HID source used for tennis court lighting.

    Selecting the Right Tennis Court Lights, Poles, and Accessories

    Customers can find individual lighting fixtures Andrej Kramaric Croatia Jersey , supplies, and individual light poles and lamps in our online store. Typically, tennis lighting fixtures come equipped with a 1000 watt, Metal Halide bulb. These sports lights are manufactured for both residential and commercial applications Mateo Kovacic Croatia Jersey , so customers have the flexibility of installing these devices in a variety of settings. RLLD Commercial tennis court lighting pole sizes come in a variety of heights and can be used with narrow, tournament, and club size tennis court playing fields. For the convenience of both professional designers and certified electricians contracted by homeowners, we have developed tennis court lighting packages that are specifically approved and designed for six standard tennis court layouts.

    Standard Tennis Court Layouts Dimensions Packages
    Single Recreational & Residential Court 120? L X 60? W Court 1
    Dual Recreational & Residential Court 120? L X 120? W Court 2
    Single Tournament & Club Court 120? L X 60? W Court 3
    Dual Tournament & Club Court 120? L X 120? W Court 4
    Dual Narrow Recreational & Residential Court 120? L X 108? W Court 5
    Dual Narrow Tournament & Club Court 120? L X 120? W Court 6

    A few additional points bear further notice. Some of our tennis court lighting kits come with a double lamp pole light fixture. This creates a more evenly spread illumination and a different look compared to the conventional single lamp pole. We also have quad light poles that have four die cast light fixtures for a distinctive appearance. RLLD Commercial Lighting includes all necessary accessories for these lighting kits Ivan Rakitic Croatia Jersey , include mounting hardware, brackets, and lamps. RLLD Commercial Lighting tennis court light kits can also be used with basketball and volleyball courts, or any other type of athletic or sports lighting area that requires superior lighting for game purposes. We have tennis lights for club or tournament courts Dejan Lovren Croatia Jersey , and we also have packages for single and dual playing fields as well. Please reference the following for more information:

    Tennis Court Fixture Mounting Methods

    In tennis court lighting you can choose between low mast and high mast pole configurations. Generally speaking, residential tennis court lighting is better accomplished with low mast lighting, while high mast lighting is used in areas where higher light levels are required. Low mast systems used in conjunction with sharp cut off luminaries produce good uniformity, low glare Vedran Corluka Croatia Jersey , reduced amounts of spill light and are relatively easy to maintain.

    Country clubs, resorts, five star hotels, and municipal parks can select from over 40 sports lights specifically designed for tennis courts. Call an RLLD Commercial Lighting Specialist now for detailed suggestions on how to use these high end Ivan Perisic Croatia Jersey , durable tennis court lights and accessories. Consultation over the phone is free to clients and serious inquirers, and competitive fee based consultation is also available for those seeking information only from our expert staff.
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    For more information on Tennis Court Lighting, Sports Lighting, and Commercial Lighting visit us online at http:www.rlldesign.

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