Wilderness Survival Tips And Tricks

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    When it comes to wilderness survival there are several different aspects to consider Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. This article will be going through the most basic steps, prepping you for a situation where you might have become stranded. Here is are some wilderness survival tips and tricks.

    There are several different ways to end up stranded in the wilderness, but we will let your imagination take care of that. So, you are stranded in the wilderness. What do I do now?

    • Water - This is first and most important Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. No matter where you are or what your circumstances are you are lasting only three days without water. Your must find a adequate source of clean drinking water.

    • Fire - Fire provides heat, light, safety, and smoke. All of these are important to your survival. You need to keep from freezing on your first night. Fire is an added protection from the wildlife. The light and smoke will also aid you in getting found. With that being said, once you find water you need to build a fire and keep it going at all times. Now some of you have probably realized the fault in this. If I have become stranded how am I going to start a fire? I am not going to have matches or a lighter! For sake of time and space on this page I will not go into fire building with nothing but what you are wearing today, but a good tip would be to ALWAYS have a pocket knife and shoes with shoe strings.

    • Shelter - If you are going to make it very long you are going to need shelter Newport Cigarettes For Sale. This may be fairly primitive based on your skills and surroundings. This is circumstance dependent, however you need to protect yourself from a few things.

    o Weather - Cold or hot depending you either need to be able to get out of the sun or stay warm, dry, and out of the wind.

    o Wildlife - This may not seem that big of deal right? I mean how likely is the chance of getting eaten by a bear? This is not the only thing I am talking about. What most people don't remember is the smaller wildlife. Misquotes, ants, ticks, leaches, and other pests can make you wish you were already dead! Do not bed down in a ant hill and smoke yourself out as best as you can to avoid the misquotes. This will make your life much more enjoyable.

    • Food - Yes this is last. The average person can go two weeks without eating and survive. They may not be in a good state but they will still be alive Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes. Once you have your water, fire, then shelter you need to find some food. This is also a tricky aspect and there is a whole ream of knowledge that is dedicated to the food Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. There are some wild things you can eat and some things that will kill you. You can hunt and trap if you know how, but again there is also a wealth of knowledge.
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