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    Dear Dr. Z: My husband started smoking unfiltered Camels back in the 1950s then moved to Marlboros in the '60s, thinking they were healthier. Well, guess what? They weren't. Every time he goes to the doctor she says quit, quit, quit. He says it won't make a difference now Cheapest Cigarettes In The World, but I think it will. Any info to help my hubby kick butt?

    Dear Tired: I spend a lot of time talking about the dangers of smoking because it is the greatest pollutant we face Newport Cigarettes Official Website. Smoking causes 5 million deaths a year worldwide. We worry about Ebola, but we should be thinking, "It's the tobacco, stupid," a variation on that famous Bill Clinton quote, "It's the economy, stupid," something that's still true today.

    Society has changed a lot since your husband started smoking. Back in the 1950s, more than 50 percent of men and 40 percent of women smoked. My family was part of those statistics Price Of Marlboro Cigarettes.

    But society has changed. Look at New York now Buying Cigarettes Online, with no smoking in bars. I ask you: Who would have thought Empire State bars would become nonsmoking?

    A recent article in the British Medical Journal really turned my ear with a look at nonsmoking prisons. This study looked at how eliminating smoking affected prisoners' health.

    Prisons that have been nonsmoking for 10 years or more saw a 20 percent drop in heart attack deaths and a 33 percent drop in deaths directly related to tobacco Newport Cigarettes Price, such as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

    Now, I'm not suggesting you put your husband in prison to get him to quit smoking, but I am suggesting you show him this information.

    In my home state of Wisconsin, nearly one in five still smoke. A pack-a-day habit costs nearly $3,000 every year - given an average cost of $8.11 per pack in the state. You could do a lot with this cash, couldn't you?

    On another topic, I've had lots of calls on my Public Radio show asking me about Ebola, so I'll chime in briefly.

    Ebola is a virus that kills 60 percent of those it strikes. It's spread in Africa by primates and humans through secretions - saliva, feces, urine and possibly sweat. A person who dies from Ebola is still infectious, so those who wash the body to prepare it for burial are at risk, and some have contracted it this way.

    We don't know where Ebola originates, perhaps in a bat or a small African mammal, but some critter on that continent has Ebola and then spreads it. It's scary. If there were an immunization against Ebola, millions would be clamoring for it.

    But our nation has scary infections, too. In fact, we've got one that is contracted by thousands of people every year. In 1918, this infectious disease killed 20 million people - more than were killed in World War I.

    Unlike Ebola, however, ours is an outbreak we can protect against with a simple, cheap, inexpensive, easily available shot. It's called the flu shot.

    So why do so many people fear Ebola but don't fear influenza, the disease that's in our backyard? That's a question I just can't answer.
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