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    If you men still wrestle along with personalized firmware three.55 but prepared to pay three.66+ video games Cheap Marcus Williams Jersey , this machine is for you.

    Feel it or not, PS3 Jailbreak secne moves on yet again. The Trub Blue Dongle for PS3 is allow you to play 3.66+ game titles on your 3.55 firmware PS3 immediately.
    Plug and perform, can not be less difficult in the environment.

    As opposed to the first PS Jailbreak dongle produced a 12 months in the past with crappy assist, this new dongle named ‘True Blue’ has a sound assist team of PS3 builders guiding it, and the news regarding it has just acquired better, as the dongle has lately been up to date but yet again by the coders!, so make sure you examine out all the PS3 Crunching information updates under, and retain your eyes tuned to this thread for even a lot more Crunching updates in the up-coming days!

    In essence ‘True Blue’ is a smaller USB dongle that permits PS3 consoles jogging on special customized v3.55 firmware to completely Jailbreak your PS3 console so you can take pleasure in the comprehensive world of ‘homebrew’, ’emulators’ and ‘OtherOS++’ while at the exact same time nevertheless completely allow you to play the most up-to-date PS3 games which have been developed to only run if your console was updated to a legit v3.six+ firmware!

    Their is however alot of ‘mis-information’ and ‘rumors’ floating all-around due to the fact the information of JB2 1st appeared on an Indonesia discussion board internet site when some earlier dongle models was noticed for sale in smaller shady ‘mod-shop’, and we the following at PS3Crunch when on to verified the ‘rumors’ and convey you the ‘actual and exclusive’ news relating to ‘True Blue’ immediately for you!

    True Blue’ capabilities:

    * Booting of all game titles created for v3.six+ (up to v3.seventy three) from BD-R discs and HDD
    * Runs your existing games and new game titles up to v3.seventy three from HDD in conjunction with ‘backup managers’
    * (Be aware: ‘Backup Manager’ are not provided with the dongle, end-consumer installs his selection of particular ‘homebrew’)
    * Does not call for the Electric powerEject trick
    * Personalized v3.fifty five Dongle firmware behaves like OFW when ‘True Blue’ is not inserted
    * Manufactured from best quality factors and Actel based
    * Durable and higher excellent metallic situation style
    * Hard and long lasting plastic packaging
    * Further attributes to be added as they are formulated
    * On board two MBytes SPI flash
    * Supports Unwanted fat and Slim consoles presently operating any firmware up to v3.55
    * And any PS3 which can be downgraded effectively from v3.six+ to v3.fifty five
    * (Notice: Requires other tools, ‘True Blue’ presently can’t downgrade a Console)
    * Supports all regions of consoles
    * Supports all areas of v3.six+ games
    * Rock reliable crystal oscillator on board for flawless timing

    The ‘True Blue’ dongle now will allow booting of the most current (3.6+) games from normal BD-R discs and now from your PS3 HDD.

    True Blue Dongle JB2, PS3 True Blue, PS3 True Blue

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