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    Upright vacuum cleaners can include many features such as front lights http://www.officialrocketsproshop.com/kids-clyde-drexler-rockets-jersey/ , brush height controls, on board hose and attachments and different power modes. These vacuums are great for flat open areas and small stairways. Uprights tend to be less expensive than canisters and are easier to store even though they are bit heavier.

    Some of the best upright vacuum cleaners as per reviews are from Dyson, Eureka and Hoover brands.

    Canister Vacuum Cleaners
    Canisters are versatile cleaners that can address a variety of cleaning applications. Canisters with powered brush rolls offer cleaning performance similar to that of uprights. On back pack vacuum cleaners the canister is worn on the back and is usually made from light weight material like plastic or resin compounds.

    The canister on the vacuum usually contains a motor at one end and a filter bag at the other. The hose is usually connected to the top end of the vacuum and can be fitted with attachments for all types of cleaning jobs.

    Back pack vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning hard to reach places and large stairways. Because of the portability of these vacuum cleaners they are used commonly in commercial cleaning environments.

    Canisters generally have more suction and greater airflow than uprights http://www.officialrocketsproshop.com/kids-clint-capela-rockets-jersey/ , but can be cumbersome to carry and store. Though lighter to the touch when cleaning (just a hose and cleaning wand), canisters must be carried around.

    Some of the best canister vacuum cleaners are from Miele, Sebo and Electrolux companies.

    Central Vacuum Cleaners
    If you are tired of pulling a vacuum cleaner around the house http://www.officialrocketsproshop.com/kids-chris-paul-rockets-jersey/ , you can consider a central vacuum system. It cleans like a canister vac without your having to push, pull, or carry the motor and body around. For many homes http://www.officialrocketsproshop.com/kids-charles-barkley-rockets-jersey/ , central vacuum systems can offer not only additional convenience, but also less noise, less dust and more power.

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