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A grade in GIA’s Color Grading System…. at the beginning of the “Very Light Yellow” category.
A portion of the original “skin” of a rough diamond that is left by the diamond cutter on a faceted diamond. Naturals are usually found along the girdle. In many cases, naturals do not affect the clarity grade.
A French word meaning “little boat”. A Marquise Cut diamond.
Near Colorless
A general term for diamonds in the G-to-J color range.
A long, thin included crystal which looks like a…. needle.
A minor chip out of the surface of a fashioned diamond, usually caused by a light blow. Could be found along the girdle or facet junctions.
Nitrogen Narcosis
This alcohol-like effect is often called ‘rapture of the deep’, whereas the body absorbs a toxic level of nitrogen, which in some cases can cause death.