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A grade in GIA’s Color Grading System…. in the middle of the “Light Yellow” category.
One of the technical terms used to refer to the luster of a gemstone. Turquoise is an example of a gem with a waxy luster.
West 47th Street
“Diamond Jewelry Way” is the central location of the diamond industry in New York.
Diamond is highly resistant to wetting by water.
A term that refers to a colorless diamond. Actually it is a colorless diamond so it technically can’t be white
White Light
Light containing a balanced full spectrum of colors, so that it appears colorless. Traditionally, in the North Hemisphere it has been light coming in a window that faces north (in the Southern Hemisphere would be the south) this light source would be considered balanced enough for good consistent results. Today it is possible to have color balanced fluorescent lights that make it possible to have this balance white light that is important for diamond color grading.
Winding Stem
Shaft on which the crown is fixed on an end.
A small facet polished on a rough diamond, through its skin, to allow a diamanteer to observe and map any internal features of the diamond prior to cutting. Also an area of a gemstone which “leaks” light or color usually due to poor, often shallow, cutting.
Windowing Out
A trade term describing when the viewer is able to see through a gemstone as it is tilted to the side. The pavilion should act like a mirror and not like a window.
An clarity feature due to twinning which is an irregularity in the crystal growth.