, Jun 28, 2014
We all know one. An older gentleman who was a strapping young up and comer in the 1950s or 60s. Now he’s retired, but he’s still an active patriarch of his family.

Or maybe he led an extremely active lifestyle. Ricky Nelson’s “Travelin’ Man,” or Neil Diamond’s “Solitary Man.” (look ‘em up if you haven’t heard of ‘em. Neil Diamond wasn’t always a crooner…)

Maybe he was a news producer or a roving editor for some men’s magazine. Or maybe something a little less savory…

But he’s distinctive to us for one reason: he has only one watch.

He’s only EVER had one watch.

Maybe it’s a Bulova, or a Gruen, or even a Hamilton. Maybe it’s a LeCoultre, or an Omega. Maybe its a Rolex. After all, that guy fought his way up corporate or entrepreneurial or other more dangerous ladders all his life, in battles forever untold.

In our early watch geek years, we look at that guy and wonder… why only one. Because we ourselves are so attracted to watches that we want dozens, we can’t understand the man of the world who only has one.

But as we evolve as collectors, we begin to get it. We begin to understand that, to him, the watch truly IS a tool – a tool for telling time. No more, no less. One was all he needed. But he needed the very best he could possibly get.

Think about it. What would it be like to BE that guy… ? And if you WERE, what watch would be on your wrist?