March 2014

You really want liquid in your watch case don't you? Especially if it is blue, red or fluorescent green! read more

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Funky, cool and definitely different so let me share with you some of their new pieces read more

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A former Baselworld visitor reflects on what it's like to miss the greatest watch show on earth. read more

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This is the a very exciting year for Bremont, especially with new partnership between themselves and Bremont. read more

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An amazing Englishman who is possibly one of the most humble people I have ever met, yet he makes some stunning pieces with impeccable craftsmanship read more

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A follow up release from Tudor, building on the success of the Black Bay, here it is in a new colour variant. read more

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The World's greatest watch and jewellery show or exhibition has commenced! Keep up to date with us via Twitter and TKF read more

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A quick review of a few notables from Press Day at Baselworld 2014 read more

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Here are the watches we think Rolex SHOULD introduce this coming week at Baselworld. read more

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Whenever you visit Geneva, there is normally a reason, a watch related reason. We have gleaned some of the best activities to amuse yourself with. read more

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Checking in on the results of last Sunday's auction at Antiquorum in Geneva, Switzerland read more

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Part two of a Pre Baselworld sneak peek, with emphasis on slightly more complicated pieces. One looks like a pyramid??? read more

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Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and also Vacheron Constantin are giants of the business, but should there not be a fourth? read more

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Another year, it is March and Baselworld is upon us once again. A choice of favourites of new releases to be seen at this amazing Watch and Jewellery Fair read more

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If you have won the lottery and you want a watch from the Big Three, which would you choose? I have chosen mine, to an extent, then acted like a big Coward! read more

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Take a quick look at some of the Rolex timepieces being offered this Sunday at Antiquorum's Geneva auction. read more

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A quick review of several models of current and vintage Rolex models. Brief descriptions and situations where you might wear them. read more

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Is the most expensive watch the best? Or possibly the cheapest? This is a story of how a boy turned into a #watchnerd! read more

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We really should not to be too greedy over watches, sometimes we have to share... This time around I am 'recommending' some potential Rolexes for your loved ones. read more

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