His and Hers

, Jul 17, 2014
Is it too much to think we could share our passion and prized possessions with our loved ones?

On a recent trip away I came across a number of couples who either shared or had similar timepieces. Is it a more common thing now, more acceptable by the masses, or just for the fashionistas. Go into any jewellers or watch shop, regardless of cost or pricing, and they will have a 'his' and 'hers' section. You will see at least one matched pair of watches for the lady and the gent.

Yes, they are normally rather poor renditions of watches, but they are still provided as a set and fundamentally tell the time.
Any of us that know about watches, and especially Rolexes (though I know very little about anything) will often see ladies wearing the 36mm mid size offerings or the smaller size. Often their partner will also be wearing an expensive timepiece and that would of course be a 40mm or 42mm Rolex. With the fashion being for larger watches for the ladies, I have seen many a lady wearing a Submariner or a GMT.
During this trip it was a real surprise for me to see a couple, yes slightly older with more expendable income it would seem. Wearing a stainless steel white face Daytona, each. That is a fair amount of wrist real estate right there, as a pair they looked really cool.

I admit it was an interesting choice and the first time I had ever seen a lady wearing a white faced Daytona, I do know that a lot of people really love the Daytona so kudos to the couple I met whilst away.
Would your other half wear the same watch as you, or simply the same watch that is just a smaller version. The other question is would you like to see your other half wearing the same watch as you?
Another thing where the ladies are taking the fashion cues from us boys.

Either way I would not begrudge anyone who truly loves watches so power to the couples who choose matching watches. Especially the couples who choose matching watches from Rolex, Cartier or any of the other big brands.