New Release - Areion Watches

, Jul 22, 2014
The launch of a watch, indeed a watch brand is normally something to be very excited about. Even if it is an affordable piece, another option is always welcome. Did I forget to mention that this is a British brand?

Birmingham is the UK's second city with a rich history in jewellery and watchmaking. The School of Jewellery in Birmingham has a Horology department, additionally Birmingham City University offers a degree in Horology.

Areion Watches small outfit launched by a small group of individuals who love watches. It is a brave thing to do. We wish them all the best and future success.
Below is the official release from Jaspal at Areion Watches.

"After an impressive launch at the end of last year, Areion watches are pleased to announce their first run of limited edition chronograph watches are now on sale. The companies brand new website is also up and running - and has seen a substantial level of interest based on its growing number of hits.

Based in Birmingham, a city with a long history in the art of watch making, Areion Watches have invested in only the very best skilled craftsmen. People who care passionate about their profession and the Areion Watches brand and are dedicated to working faithfully to an original British design. These same craftsmen have created quality time pieces of distinction, which can’t fail to be admired.
The British designed watches have 42mm multi dial faces with chronograph function, tachymeters and date, stainless steel cases, quality leather straps with stainless steel clasps and are water resistant up to 20ATM.

There are three attractive designs The Areion Black with its distinctive, yet subtle orange and black face and a complimentary black leather strap. The Areion Blue with a calming but prestigious blue face and matching blue leather strap and the Areion White with a lovely white face and contrasting black leather strap.

Priced at just £199, Areion Watches believe they have winner with these stylish watches at a very affordable price."

Full details can be found on the new and improved Areion Watches website
For photos check our Dropbox -
The chronographs are nice, though at this price point you cannot expect a mechanical movement. Blue is definitely my favourite of the three as it is not a colour you see often.

In a few weeks we will hopefully be getting a review piece, so finger's crossed!




TKF Newbie
Dec 19, 2014

I have seen the collection and they are quite fine watches.. The chronograph are in huge demand these days.. Thumps up for Areion Watches.. Do grab a look at this exclusive watches

Jan 5, 2015