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A grade in GIA’s Color Grading System…. at the end of the “Very Light Yellow” category.
Term used to describe the degree of excellence of a diamond by its weight, color, clarity, and perfection of cut.
Quartz Movement
Quartz watches use a tiny energy cell (or battery) to replace the mainspring as the power source. The oscillating mass is replaced by a tiny piece of shaped quartz crystal, which is tuned to a frequency of 32,768 Hz (cycles per second) – this is often called the piezoelectric effect and is similar to that of a tuning fork. A system of integrated circuits then divides the frequency into one-second pulses to drive a tiny motor, which in turn drives the hands.
Quick Set
Introduced in late 1970, this feature allows the date to be rapidly set via the winding crown, without having the hour hand pass over the ‘midnight’ position – See also Double Quick Set.